Friday Links: It’s a horrible mess all over

Happy Friday!

I took some time off because I was in a slump (yes they are coming more frequently, I’m perimenopausal and look at the state of the world, of course it’s harder to be cheerful and motivated!) and when that happens, I have to concentrate on work and home because those things are more important.

The world is still a mess, and on fire in Gaza. (side note, I believe that Israel has a right to exist, I don’t like or agree with Hamas. However, Israel is treating the Palestinians as sub human, if you treat people like rabid dogs, that’s how they’ll act. They are trapped in Gaza and the West Bank, in occupied Jerusalem (that’s the east of the city) they are basically having their homes stolen from them. It’s been called apartheid, but to me it looks more like Germany about 1938 and I don’t say that lightly. But on Monday the news said that 5 Israelis and 35 Palestinians (including 9 children) had been killed. The Today Programme spoke to two women, one in Palestinian and one Israeli, I was struck by the Israeli woman saying that the body count was wrong, six people had died. I thought that would have put the body count up to 41 not six. Maybe she didn’t know, maybe the Palestinian deaths aren’t reported in Israeli media, but isn’t that the problem?

Anyway here are this week’s links….

Grenfell is still giving up its secrets and they retain the power to shock

Mandatory voter ID would dangerously undermine UK democracy

The violence that began at Jerusalem’s ancient holy sites is driven by a distinctly modern zeal

Defiance in the face of Israeli aggression gives Palestinians everywhere hope

Trump’s signature Israel policy had a key flaw. We’re seeing it now.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is exposing a deep schism in the Democratic Party

How angry Apple employees’ petition led to a controversial new hire’s departure

Why Millennials Can’t Grow Up

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