Monday Miscellany: Rainy

Happy Monday!


The last couple of weeks have been very like the last couple of months, I worked, I slept, I even occasionally left the house! But it’s hard to get too excited about much, I don’t think I’m unusual and actually compared to a couple of people I know, I’m in a very good space. As everything starts to open up and there’s worry about the Indian variant and what that could do to the opening up plans, we’re in a constant state of ‘always winter and never Christmas’.

It’s wearing and natural for me to feel worn through even though, as I keep saying, I’m quite well and feeling pretty ok.

Last week, I broke through a bit from the ‘languishing’, I got loads of good work done, getting through stuff that had been hanging around not getting finished, I’m not entirely out of the weeds of work yet but it’s nice to get things under control.

This weekend Ma and I abandoned the allotment to the rainy weather and I went to hers for Saturday morning breakfast. Ma doesn’t have a large coffee pot like I do and maternal sacrifice does not extend to having less than a three cups of coffee, so I had to have the little cafetière!

We went shopping for Christmas presents because I didn’t finish buying the nephews presents when family Christmas got cancelled last year. It’ll be lovely to see them over the weekend and our family’s ‘Christmas in May’ will be watching the Champions League final to see if Chelsea can overcome their very poor run of the last couple of weeks and beat Man City, it’s unlikely especially as I have Chelsea and Ben has Man City and I don’t think I’ve ever yet won a bet against my brother.

Other plans for this week, include lunch with Sue on Tuesday for her birthday, making carrot cake for the weekend, putting out the tomatoes in the cloche at the plot and giving the flat a deeper clean than normal, mostly to the floors! The usual stuff.

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