Friday Links: Bunny Hugger

Happy Friday!

It’s been quite the week. There was the rise and fall of the Super League, Boris Johnson’s woeful performance yesterday (Britain and Australia have been fighting it out for the ‘Most Terrible Leader in the World’ since America gave the trophy back in January!). Here are this week’s links..

On canonical hours, comfort, and daylight savings. This is absolutely wonderful. Full of knowledge and grumpiness!

3,000-year-old ‘lost golden city’ of ancient Egypt discovered

‘It’s his turf’: why London’s mayoral race is personal for Boris Johnson. Could it be that Johnson helped Sadiq Khan by being a terrible mayor, could it be that the Tories attitude towards TfL (Johnson spaffed money up the wall for an imaginary garden bridge to say nothing of the fucking cable car, but currently refuses to fix Hammersmith Bridge) and Londoner’s that don’t work in the City might be helping Sadiq Khan win votes. The Tories in general and Johnson in particular have been pissing on ordinary Londoners and telling us it’s raining, which might work in your red wall constituencies but he’s been the Mayor, we know who he is and it won’t work here…

If Boris Johnson has his way, a woman’s work will truly never be done

David Cameron and the Greensill scandal is just the tip of the fatberg

‘I wash my hands and genitals – the rest I gave up’: how the pandemic changed our hygiene habits. I only washed my hair weekly before lockdown, and my hygiene is pretty much the same as it was, I have noticed that my skin is better since I started using soap again.

Soccer fans destroyed the Super League. Because I like to see what Americans think about a move that everyone thought was ‘american’ in conception.

How America Ruined Soccer. See…

Four steps this Earth Day to avert environmental catastrophe. I’m (as you may have noticed) on a bit of a sustainability kickk

The Sun Never Set on the British Empire’s Oppression. Britain absolutely needs to own how terrible the Empire was for the colonies, there aren’t enough railways in the world to make up for the damage that was done and we also need to be accountable for the bad calls we’ve made since. There’s such hypocrisy from us on this, Hong Kong is a mess because it was only when we realised that we were going to have to give it back to China that we decided that democracy was important. If we’d actually applied the principles we said that believed in then China could not have done what it’s doing now. But the truth is that with the exception of Hong Kong, it’s been at least 40 years since we had colonies (Zimbabwe was the last one and that was complicated) so how responsible is Britain for the state of those countries and how they make and unmake law? It’s a question we need to think about because we need a better structure than, ‘it’s all their fault’ and ‘we gave you law and railways’.

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