Allotment Adventures: All the work

Easter weekend was not as plot heavy as I planned. Ma and I finished the row of bed building. We had to re-arrange the top of the plot a bit to make that last bed fit and that row of beds is not at all straight but as Ma said, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to grow food”. Left on this year’s work list is the other squash bed and two more in the middle of the old half and then we are done for the year. For right now we are out of wood so I need to buy that and I think about another 4000 litres of compost to get them all filled and we have a deadline for the middle of May.

Behold the completely not straight row of beds

That was about it for work at the weekend. I’m hoping to give the shed another layer of paint, I was going to strim the paths but it occurs to me that the battery is at the plot and uncharged.

Plum blossom

The rest of the plot is looking pretty good, the plum tree is in blossom and the tulips are flowering.

White tulips

The water has been switched on because it’s been so dry, so I watered at the weekend. Nothing much is going on because it’s been cold and dry, the tomatoes are underway and when I’ve potted them up, I’ll sow the squash. It just feels like I’m on hold at the moment but May and June are always busy, so I’m going to enjoy the rest!

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  1. Sustain blog says:

    It seems you are fine. Keep up the good work. Thank you 😊

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