Monday Miscellany: Back to school

Happy Monday!

Can you hear that noise? That noise is the sighing of relieved parents that have either got their children back at school or know they are going back this week. This morning my Lent prompt was to pray for teachers. Which was apt, they have been under so much stress trying to arrange lessons online and for the children that have been in school and they are going ‘back to normal’ often without being vaccinated, to deal with children that have not had an easy year. It’s not going to be easy and they aren’t getting any kind of pay rise, in fact, they are taking a pay cut as they don’t even get the rate of inflation.

The news is either talking about the schools going back or the Royal Family, I’m not anyone’s side, I think everyone has behaved badly and I think a period of silence from all of them would be welcome. I also still think we should get rid of them and be a republic (and I’m not advocating public beheadings but think of the tourists it would bring in!)

As none of the relaxation of lockdown rules will have much of an impact on my life although I am extremely pleased that my friends with children get them back to school and those with family members in care homes will be able to visit them again, my plans for this week are pretty much the same as they were last week, work, sleep and try to get out everyday for a walk.

Oh and prep for Mother’s Day next weekend (Ma says that she’s not bothered, but I am!)

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