Friday Links: March

Happy Friday! I feel like I’m in a strange world where time moves really quickly but also very slowly. Things happened this week but at the same time, it feels like everything is exactly the same as it was last week. Here are this week’s links…

Tory London mayor hopeful says basic income would be used for ‘lots of drugs’. Shaun Bailey just can’t help himself. He’s so keen to prove that he’s ‘from the streets’ and all he ever manages to do is show that he’s as thick as mince. He’s a couple of years older than me, from roughly the same area and looking at his wikipedia entry, I realise he was at the same school and in the same year as one of my cousins. My feeling is that he’s a liar, who tells stories about where he’s from that are slightly based in truth but which he feels make him look good because he ‘got out’. It’s easy to do, when you lack critical thinking skills and you want to be exceptional. He’s not, he’s just (and I cannot emphasise this enough) not very bright…

Creating a charity to pay for PM’s flat refurb would be ‘an outrage’. Seriously, Carrie Symonds can’t live with the furniture in her 4 bedroom house in Central London and needs to be rescued from the ‘John Lewis’ nightmare. They need to go and fuck off into the sea and then fuck off some more….

If oestrogen can save women from the worst of Covid, they should be given it. If it doesn’t work on the men, the chances of women getting it are remote.

Sunak’s budget was great for estate agents, but it did nothing for generation rent

Surveillance Shopping Arrives in London as Amazon Go Heads for Ealing Broadway. Yes this is down the road from me, there are apparently, queues to get in. Weirdly, it’s opposite Morrisons who supply a bunch of its stock.

Central Texas Farmers Share the Devastating Impacts of the Winter Storm. Oh my goodness all those dead brassicas.

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