Monday Miscellany: February

Happy Monday!

January has been a slog, and honestly I think February is likely to be a slog too but it’ll be March in four weeks time!

Good news for the last day of January, is that Ma has had her first vaccination, which is a relief! There are also new babies, Tom had a girl and my downstairs neighbours had a boy. Whether I’m able to leave the house or not, the world carries on and I’m really grateful for the people who do the work that makes it continue.

But I’m finding this wearing, I miss my family, I miss the pub and going out for dinner and yes I know that I didn’t often do those things, I miss having the option. There are babies I cannot cuddle and parents I can’t hug. This generally sucks. I know that I’m lucky to be employed, housed and healthy. I’m grateful for those things, I’m just also very tired of not having options.

This week, I need to get a grip. I need to do yoga in the evening, I really need to tidy my flat and get my act together…

That’s the plan..

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2 Responses to Monday Miscellany: February

  1. Neil says:

    Life is a bit shit currently it’s ok to do nothing. Just staying alive is an achievement. Cabin fever

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