Allotment Adventures: Winter Squash Part One

Produce Haul

It was quite a week for harvest! We had 17 winter squash, the first french beans, our first proper cauliflower, two patty pans, two crookneck, eight cukes (plus two that are yellow and not for eating, I don’t know how we missed them but we did), kale, carrots and tomatoes. There’s a point with tomatoes where you have enough to bring home and and they don’t just get eaten on the plot because Mum sees them and gets excited!

Believe it or not, this is tidier…

So this year we have two squash beds and the uchiki kuris in the first bed were more or less ready. I planted mostly uchiki kuri and butternut squash in the first bed (there are three other plants that were replacements for causualties – an experiment that may be a crown prince, a burgess buttercup and a pumpkin). The kuri romped and the buttercup and crown prince produced one each, but the butternut and pumpkin sort of sulked and I could see 15 or so squash so it wasn’t too terrible. In the last couple of weeks as the kuris were dying back they woke up and started to spread so at the weekend we took up 17 squash to give the others some room. We have 5 butternuts and a pumpkin so far and anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks depending on the weather. The corn does not look like it survived to thrive…

The second squash bed

I got a later start to second squash bed, this had pumpkins, candy roasters, burgess buttercups, and the patty pan. None of the plants were in good shape, but the patty pan has started to produce and I count three candy roasters and 4 buttercups. We should be ok for squash this winter!

Mum modelling the cauliflower….

After harvesting, we worked. We potted all the blueberries and while Ma weeded, I got on with clearing some of the self sown flowers, there is a limit on how much verbena one allotment needs and it’s not taking the hint and did some ad-hoc weeding.

It was a good day, the plot is in that weird summer state where it’s still producing but it’s starting to go over, I’m still really happy with it though.

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