Lockdown Cooking

I think I’ve said before that I’m not finding cooking during lockdown all that hard, I cook most of what I eat anyway and not having to pack it up to eat in the office is actually easier. I also have a full freezer but the hardest thing has been finding flour and yeast, which is a pain given that I buy plain flour and bread flour every other week

Just as this started, I ordered an instant pot and that’s been really handy, a top tip from Sustainable Cooks has been using the yoghurt setting to get bread dough to rise!

Most breakfasts have been yoghurt and fruit or pumpkin pancakes, yoghurt and fruit (although I will admit to rhubarb crumble and yoghurt for a couple of breakfasts!).

Lunches have been soup or toast or picky bits (hummus, eggs, cornichion).

There has been some baking, these are the cocoa brownies from Smitten Kitchen and they are amazing and very simple, you can make them plain but if you have some dark chocolate or choc chips, you really should add them!

The other thing I’m semi doing is preparing food parcels for Sarah because she’s currently working and hasn’t been home to Fred and Justin since the lockdowns so living in an airbnb. Food for her has just been a copy cat of what I’m eating, some risotto, soup, pasta, egg rolls, dahl. Not much different from how I cook for myself but better than a diet of kebabs or M&S ready meals, no shade on either of those options but not exactly sustaining for weeks on end!

This weekend, I used stale bread to make bread pudding. Most of which is in the freezer because otherwise I’ll just eat all of it!

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