Friday Links: Still Indoors

Happy Friday!

The world is pretty crazy right now, everyone who can be, is mostly indoors. Key workers are exhausted, parents are exhausted, everyone is struggling. I think the thing I want to say most is that it’s not a competition, everyone is having a hard time and if we can all remember that and have sympathy for them and for ourselves we’ll be ok.

Right now I’m really fascinated by the progress of my sweet potato slips, this organic sweet potato was bought in January and has finally started to do something. This is Ma’s new veg for 2020, mine will be fennel!

That said, I’m finding Friday Links pretty hard because it’s all coronavirus, all the time and I don’t think it’s terribly healthy for a lot of people right now. So here are a couple of links some about the current situation and some very much not!

Blaming Labour won’t work this time – the Tories will have to own this crisis

Diet, health, inequality: why Britain’s food supply system doesn’t work

This is just perfect:

Some things to do when you’re stuck indoors…

How to Make 24-Hour Yogurt at Home

No Knead Dutch Oven Bread

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