Allotment Adventures: Allotment Every Day

Last week, Monday to Friday, I went to the allotment every morning, I didn’t go on the weekend because I was feeling really puny (not at all virus related, not even a cold) so I had a weekend off and indoors (which is also the socially responsible thing to do!).

But I have been transporting compost to the allotment three bags at a time and filling up the beds. We bought 46, 50 litre bags of compost and it’s not quite enough. Yeah, I know 2,300 litres of compost, I’m aware but the new beds are completely empty, the old beds need filling and the soil on the new half is knackered. It’s stony, heavy clay and it’s been slightly neglected and needs some love in the form of compost! So things I thought might not need compost (rose garden, flower bed next to the herbs, pond area) are going to need a compost mulch at some point.

Other things, I’ve been doing, I planted peas and some of the potatoes but the rest of the potatoes are going in a bed because I’m really not sure about being able to get compost for the pots.

By Sunday I should have the remaining empty beds filled.

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