Rainy Day Baking

Last weekend, with the rain pouring and the storm storming, I stayed inside and baked.

I made some bread rolls. I make these all the time, (usually halving the recipe because 24 is more rolls than one woman needs, using oil instead of butter and after I’ve mixed the ingredients together to form the dough, I don’t knead them, I try to avoid kneading at all costs!), this time I made them with honey instead of sugar and as a batch instead of separately. I like them this way, they are soft and seem to stay soft longer.

I also made up the batter for gingerbread but added 5 peeled on the edge of being over ripe pears and made 18 muffins instead of one loaf. They are really good, very moist but lovely and not as fiery and my usual gingerbread.

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