Allotment Adventures: The Compost Area

After a week off, we finally started to think about our plot extension, Joe has taken what he wanted and it’s now all ours, this is the view from the back of the plot.

There is lots of work to do. One of my plans for next season is to do better at producing compost. We were gifted another, heavier plastic compost bin on Sunday (with a lockable list. So we decided to set up an area. We moved our oldest compost bin and all it’s contents, we did have compost at the bottom but all the stuff that wasn’t properly composted (and some bags of stuff that didn’t fit into the bins) was layered with woodchip into the new bin.

Behold the new compost area!We are going to create two other wooden bins and move the black bin and it’s contents to this area, so the work isn’t finished yet but it feels like a good start.

That shed in the background needs to come down too, so we’ve offered to go halves on the cost of a skip with the allotment society, so we can get the stuff we don’t want off the plot. As we move the two compost bins we’ll need to sort out the areas left open. I also want to move the four gooseberry bushes we now have on the plot and split one of the rhubarb plants.

Then its sorting out the weeds and loganberries and building beds and tidying up. It’ll be quite a lot of work but we know more now so in some ways I think it’ll be easier. One of the good pieces of news for Ma is that Joe left a load of massive beetroot on the plot, which has made her month!

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