What I Ate: Cooking and Budget Reset Wrap Up

I totally dropped the ball with documenting how I did with this, partly because I used all of my available ‘write it down’ brain power at work and partly because it was really easy to get back into the groove. For the record my total for the 8 weeks was £110.32. So under but I had a very full freezer!

Autumn and winter more naturally lend themselves to meal planning, there is less fresh product to use coming out of the allotment and I’ve fallen into making sure that I always eat the same thing for breakfast on work days (right now that’s yoghurt and fruit) and making more dinner than I need and dividing what’s left into boxes for the freezer so I take them to work for lunch. Dinners are therefore pretty simple, what I have started to do is not plan all weeknights. There are times when ‘thing on toast’ is the only right answer to what’s for dinner so including that in the plan means I don’t over buy.

I’m also really enjoying cooking right now, not on weekdays, basically I come home from work and want to slump so food is generally reheated or bung in the oven. But I have cooked more new recipes recently, including some really good cocoa brownies and I’m thinking a bit more interested in cooking again.

The reset meant I’ve started to make bread a bit more often too. I’m not perfect but I feel much more in control of amounts and waste and enjoying food and cooking again. So it was a good if poorly documented thing to do. But the freezer still needs defrosting!!



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