Monday Misc: Good Sport

Not gonna lie, I’m finding everything difficult right now. PMT, SAD and some sort of stomachache with a side of throwing up this weekend (Ma had some kind of bug last week so I’m blaming her!) is quite honestly kicking me up the bum. I would just like to stay indoors until the clocks go forward..

This week there were consolations, UNO with Nephew 1 who didn’t win one game but was a consistent runner up. He was a really good sport about it though, which I’m glad to see! Nephew 2 was his usual sunny self, and arranged himself into a Hungry Hippos box, variously announcing that he was a hippo, a robot or Tree-fu Tom. Nursery has been so good for him!

There was also a catch up with JessI don’t miss much about working at the last place but I miss her and Laura.

This week is all about rest and recovery, I have nothing but work both paid and housework. The weekend is another epic compost buying spree and a trip to the dump!

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room!

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