Friday Links: A Special Place in Hell

Happy Friday! Here are this week’s links…

You Should Never Have Trusted Flickr to Protect Your Cherished Photos, I spent a couple of hours getting all my photos off flickr last week.

John Humphrys ‘assuming’ he will leave Today programme this year. End of an era, I don’t remember The Today Programme, without John Humphrys, it would be nice if they could get a presenter that didn’t go to private school or Oxbridge but with Sarah Sands in charge, how likely is that?

Why Bible-inspired diets and fitness plans are catching on. Can you hear that noise? It’s the sound of my eyes rolling…

Nissan leaves Tories to explain why they can’t even manage a bribe

Is clean beauty a skincare revolution – or a pointless indulgence? I don’t love the trend to be against chemicals. Because science dunce that I am, even I know that everything is a chemical and I have no patience at all for the ‘I only use natural chemicals’ brigade because cyanide is a natural chemical but it’ll still kill you. Don’t put anything on your skin that causes it to swell up and hurt. For me that’s some Clarins products (my face was swollen and quite red for a number of days!), for others it’ll be something else.

The class pay gap: why it pays to be privileged. Telling us what every working class kid knows. The issue is whether anyone is going to do anything about it…

Skin deep: why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s beauty regime split the internet. I didn’t feel like it did split the internet. I thought it was a brilliant demonstration of authenticity, she’s a woman in her 20’s it’s possible to be interested in your face and social policy. The broader point of why so many women (myself included) feel the need to be so interested in how they look in a way that so many men don’t. And also why men who are interested in how they present to the world are ‘groomed’ and women are ‘vain’

How a recipe goes viral on Instagram. I made the cookies last weekend in part because of all the stuff about Roman going around.

Rural Communities Struggle to Adapt to Life Without Football. They really should take up soccer, it’s just better and less expensive to run!

Rebuild the faded towns of Britain to end our national malaise

Work isn’t working – but a four-day week would help fix it

UK chips an inch shorter after summer heatwave – report. We grew more potatoes than last year but the yields weren’t as good. I also didn’t have a good year for carrots and even the courgette harvest was less!

Fantasies of Dunkirk spirit couldn’t survive a no-deal Brexit

Their romantics, such as Charles Moore, flippantly yearn for hardship. “I am just old enough to remember when fresh fruit and veg were in short supply at this time of year. People used to know how to store things to mitigate the problem: apples would be carefully laid out on straw-strewn shelves. We ate lots of root vegetables and not much greenery … Perhaps it is time for a Brexit recipe book, like those comforting wartime rationing ones.”

 Which is all very well if you have a house big enough to store fruit and vegetables in. I’m pretty sure that my Grandad’s family didn’t have the room in Kilburn. I know that I struggle with were and how to store my squashes. As ever, rich people can ride stuff out because they have the means to be frugal. They have storage space, they can buy in bulk. I love the allotment and it is teaching me to eat more seasonally but winter veg can be extremely boring, it’s all leafy greens and turnips. The apples, pears, squash etc that we eat this time of year are all from storage and honestly I don’t have the space.

A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions. Wow, just wow…

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2 Responses to Friday Links: A Special Place in Hell

  1. hmk71 says:

    Bible diets? Isn’t it amazing how all these expensive regimes tend to involve less heavily processed foods, less fats and sugars and more fresh fruit and veg yet that’s apparently not why you lose weight? If you have to avoid all those grains on the Daniel fast it’s also much harder to eat doughnuts/cakes/biscuits…

    • nicdempsey says:

      As I always say, I’m fat because I’m greedy and lazy! It’s a fairly simple equation. More diets are calorie restriction dressed up as something the dieter can live with!

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