Brain dump

My head is sometimes an odd place to be so here’s a run down of what’s on my mind this morning:

1. I get really irritated by the ‘See it, say it, sorted’ thing that Transport for London are doing at the moment. For non Londoners, it’s the message that if you see an unattended bag or package, you should report it and staff will sort it. So it goes “…we’ll sort it. See it, say it, sorted”. And it’s driving me bananas because it sounds wrong. I’m sure there are thousands of people it doesn’t annoy but it annoys me.

2. I’m over winter, my body is now inventing reasons not to go outside (mostly waking up feeling ill and being sick), I’m so tired all the time, and my PMT is terrible. It’s a comparatively small thing but getting to work every day right now, for me, requires superhuman effort. I have to ask myself every morning if now I feel is genuinely ill or just SAD. Which shows at least that the therapy works..

3. I have stopped drinking coffee on weekday mornings. I’m didn’t consider myself caffeine sensitive, it has no impact on my migraines but it does seem to contribute to PMT hot flushes. So I’m cutting down and going back to lemon and ginger or red bush teas.

4. While I’m here. Peri-menopause sucks. There are so many things I enjoy about my forties but that and all the things that my body is beginning to struggle with (I’m now both long and short sighted, everything aches in the morning, hangovers last two days, I have less hair overall but some of it is migrating to my chin, I have one perfectly white eyelash, my hands often struggle to grip so open jars and champagne is a problem) are not on the list.

5. I’ve managed to damage the ring finger on my right hand. I don’t know what I’ve done but it hurts. My usual tactic is give it 4-6 weeks and if it’s no better book a GP’s appointment and feel bad about it being a waste of time. It’s only my hand, not like its major? Anyone else feel like they don’t like to go to the doctors for stuff that might get better on its own or that feels minor? I grew up under the NHS but I feel that the era of not being able to afford the doctor has some kind of genetic memory..

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