Allotment Adventures: Work is never done

We had a really good long stretch of work on the plot this weekend. Which started with a car that wouldn’t go and 700 litres of compost.

Wheelbarrowing 700 litres of compost is not high on my ‘things to do’ list but I got it done and then we got to work. First up fire!

It’s time to burn things and so we did most of it. I love burning things, we both smelt like ashtrays afterwards! I’m glad we did it then as it’s been really rainy this week. There will most likely be another burning session in a couple of weeks and I’m glad we are allowed to burn now.

We filled the three beds and planted garlic and broad beans, covering all of them in the now traditional green netting to deter the foxes. We manured and covered two other beds for their winter napI finally got around to potting up the lavenders and we picked some chard and kale.

Ma did a little bit of weeding and had a temporary sort of the shed and I tidied up a leek bed. I also put the cloche frame up and planted some sweet peas. The frame will be covered with a sheet and I’ll leave them there until spring, it’s an experiment and we’ll see if they come up and are stronger this year!

There is a ton of other stuff to do. In December, we’ll buy another 700 litres of compost and fill and cover the five other unused beds. The shed needs a paint, there is weeding and tidying to do on the paths and at the edges of the plot . Overall, we’re ok but there is always something to do.

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