Friday Links: Disaster week

Happy Friday, I’m in Southampton again today because I’m an idiot and left my laptop there yesterday! And that was the least annoying thing about yesterday’s trip, I hope you had a better week..

What’s Happening in Florida Is a Nightmare. 2020 Could Be So Much Worse. I have a lot of issues with elections in the UK but I’m really glad that we don’t have these problems. Also I think I’m opposed to voting machines and would like to keep pen and paper because that seems to work!

May seems to think she can go on and on. But she’s running out of road

The Brexit wreckers are slinking away from the rancid mess they’ve made

Exclusive: universal credit linked to suicide risk, says study

Woman who bore rapist’s baby faces 20 years in El Salvador jail. I would like to think that this is an extreme example but as I get older, I am more and more convinced that anti-abortionists are motivated less by the ‘unborn’ and more by outrage that women when given the choice don’t always want to have a baby. How is it that this woman is in prison but the man that raped her and continued to threaten her walks free? It’s because society cares more about punishing women and by default scaring them then it does about justice.

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