Friday Links: Chilly

Happy Friday! People, it’s been a week, work has been busy, it’s been cold and I have a nine year old nephew! (I have a 33 year old godson and yet the passing of time still surprises me!).

Here are this week’s links…

Christian parent threatens legal action over school’s ‘gay pride parade So they’ve read Leviticus but completely missed the Gospels, where Jesus teaches love for the ‘sinner’.

When Families Un-Adopt a Child. Children are not puppies…

Your Mother’s Romantic Past Affects Your Own Dating Adventures Let’s add this to the list of ‘this is why I’m single’ In fairness though, I always thought that living with someone was a big deal and a huge effort and I’d rather be on my own than do it casually. Which I think does come straight from my mother.

Poor families could take in lodger to beat benefit cap – minister. To end poverty, you have to understand poverty. Something our politicians in general and the Tories in particular really don’t understand. As evidenced by Universal Credit and this

The History of the Oceans Is Locked in Whale Earwax. This is fascinating…

Want to make British democracy fairer? First make it easier to vote. Was reading this with a puzzled expression on my face. I have never not been registered to vote. I get a letter every year and I fill it in and return the form in the post. I am the only person in my household so it’s pretty straightforward. I can also register online, but you need your NI number, which if you work or claim benefit, you should have. So the barriers are housing, language, internet access and having an NI number. So for most people it is easy and I would argue that if you can’t be bothered to register under these circumstances, then really what’s wrong with you. For most people you just have to educate people about the importance of it and point them in the right direction, something a parent or teacher should do. For more marginalised people, we have to look at the barriers and resolve them.

Don’t make their GP appointments, don’t manage their money – universities’ advice to helicopter parents. This is where my mother’s ‘bracing but supportive’ style of parenting comes in. I’d been booking my own doctor’s and dentist appointments since I was about 14, in fact I don’t remember when she stopped attending them with me. I expected to sort my money out but Ma would help if I needed it and she’s the originator of the finance spreadsheet! She never, never sent me back to my house with food, it’s actually the other way around.

Ivanka Trump used personal email for government business. When your father campaigned on Hillary’s emails and encouraged the ‘lock her up’ chants. The first thing you would have done, was make sure that you weren’t in breach of any rules over emails. If we needed any confirmation that she is a shameless, arrogant arse, here is it…

Why coasting at work is the best thing for your career, health and happiness. I think there’s a balance, I like to be busy but able to leave work at the office. I’m in the office by 8:15am every morning, I leave at 5pm and I leave it there!

Finally, as Christmas parties start An introvert’s guide to enjoying the party season

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1 Response to Friday Links: Chilly

  1. hmk71 says:

    The second chance adoption article is so sad. I followed the link and found a little boy who was adopted from overseas, learning English as a foreign language, and now his adoptive family can’t cope with his diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy so he’s up for adoption again. It makes you wonder what they’d have done if it’d been their biological child with a similar diagnosis.

    With regards to helicopter parenting, my children are in their mid/late teens and I’ve always a bit of benign neglect is the way to go! People comment on their independence and ability to look after themselves and it’s because you grit your teeth and stand back. Going for a first food shop sounds reasonable, but my Mum and Dad didn’t do that. I can’t remember if I took any food with me but I certainly didn’t go shopping with them. I don’t think I wanted to!

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