September Goals

So August was a really good month, my birthday, a week’s holiday, theatre, a bank holiday, epic cake making, a gin tasting and quieter trains.

But August is gone and September is here. I kicked of September by attending a wedding and getting a migraine. One was directly the result of the other, too much time worrying about cake followed by having fun, drinking, dancing and going to bed past midnight all done during trigger fortnight. Sometimes it has to be done and we suffer the consequences, but it was a weekend migraine so whilst I missed more fun, I didn’t miss work. Go me.

After August’s goal free month, it’s time to reset. Even though it’s been years since I was at school, September always carries with it the whiff of new beginnings. There are 118 days left in the year, so enough time to reset the year and finish strong!

For me, this September is a good month. Next weekend, the family is all getting together to celebrate J’s birthday, then the weekend after that, Ma and I are heading up to Amble for our much anticipated holiday, I do love London, but I love Northumberland in a different way. (I think it’s the only other place I could live, because it’s beautiful and basically as far away from London as you can get and still be in England. If you’re going to move out, move out!)

So September is actually only three weeks of normal life but across all of September, I want to be a bit more active. I’m aware that autumn is on the way and it’s not my favourite time of year, so it’s time to make sure that I have all the usual precautions in place.

Mind and Body

Bedtime, Wake up time and Golden Hour.

I don’t think I need to tell you why it’s so important, especially this week when I’m post migraine and in trigger week but more generally, the routine of it becomes really important when I’m in SAD hell. Stability is really important in establishing good sleep and I need all the help I can get. So bedtime 10pm, wake up time 6am and try to stay within an hour of it at the weekends.



  • Walk to and from the station every work day. Because when it’s dark and miserable I’m not going to want to but I need it, for exercise.
  • 30 min lunchtime walk when I’m in the office. Which from today is 13 days!


There is no point being overly nuts about this but I’ll like to do something everyday while I’m on holiday (and maybe get Ma to do with me as she’s given up Pilates) and at least three times a week during the month.


Squats (20), sit ups (10), press ups (10). It’s pathetically little but I want to hit it every other day at the outside. If I can do it every day then so much the better. It’s something I can build on and the idea is gentle



  • This weekend I really cleaned the flat and I really liked what it did for my mood when I was sick. So I want to commit to a weekly clean of the kitchen, hall and bathroom (including hoovering and mopping)
  • Ironing, nothing that needs ironing hanging around more than a day.


  • Defrost the freezer/clear out the fridge
  • Clean the oven

Book de-clutter

I’m going to Barter Books so time to get rid of my excess books, so I can trade them in for more books.


I covered the worklist for the plot last week but of that this is what I hope to get done this month

New things

  • Make a patio next to the shed
    • Buy sand,
    • Buy pavers
    • Level ground
  • Path next to shed
    • Woodchip
    • Borders
    • Pavers


  • Paint the shed
  • Plant autumn bulbs
  • Sow
    • pak choi
    • mustard
    • land cress
    • black radish
    • parsley
  • Get the lavender into the ground or bigger terracotta pots
  • Sort out the canes and get rid of the weak broken ones
  • Manure the rhubarb
  • Manure and cover the beds we aren’t going to use over winter


Meal Planning and Food budget

Summer meal planning has mostly focused on using up the allotment produce. But this is the first week since July when there have been no courgettes so it’s slowing down. We’ll have some winter squash and hopefully continuous supplies of chard and kale, and quite a few leeks. But it’s time to get back into a more disciplined mindset. I may go back to documenting my weekly shop and meals, we’ll see.

Birthday/Christmas prep

From now until Christmas, there are four family birthdays (Joe, Ben, Oli and Ma) and six friends and children of friends. So this month, I’d like to sort out cards for all of them and presents for at least all the children and my brother. I also need to start thinking about Christmas presents and whether I’m going handmade or bought. I know it is too early but I have time but not much money!

I think that will do!

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5 Responses to September Goals

  1. hmk71 says:

    I work in a job with school hours so September definitely has that new start feeling to me. Plus after a holiday the house suddenly feels very full, so I came back and cleared out a couple of cupboards and tackled the garage 🙂
    And I’ve started thinking about Christmas too- making presents takes a while.

    • nicdempsey says:

      Post holiday productivity! I hope you’re return to work goes smoothly and Christmas present planning is easy! I’ve got loads of ideas, I just need to still down and work out what realistically I’m going to get to doing!

      • hmk71 says:

        I thought I’d had some good present ideas and then it came up on a facebook group I follow and there were loads more ideas on there too. Slight issue in that some of them involve skills I don’t (currently) have. I’m sure that won’t be a problem!

      • nicdempsey says:

        You get to learn a new skill and give presents. Everyone wins!

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