Monday Miscellany: After the Wedding

Happy Monday!

Things I have learnt this weekend, I apparently don’t age (this is not true but sweet of them to say so), the cake was fine, an evening spend dancing and drinking results in a Sunday migraine. To be fair I just thought I was hungover but it was a migraine.

It ruined the rest of the weekend. I didn’t get to Kathy’s birthday drinks or do much that was useful. I had planned on allotment but post migraine all I could do was go and pick and water a bit.

Fortunately, on Saturday morning, I’d done all the housework. It was pretty epic as well tidying, the laundry, cleaning and changing the bed, I got to all the things I don’t like, hoovering, cleaning floors and ironing

So I was covered for being ill. It’s good because in fairness I’m now feeling great today but that could just be the commute!

This is a busy couple of weeks, schools go back, which means that the trains will really bad again and work is going to be busy.

This week I also get new glasses, a haircut and a three year old nephew. So we’ll be in Shefford over the weekend!

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