Recommendation: Ironing Water

I’m a known hater of ironing, I iron as little as possible and only do the bare minimum (which includes pillowcases and tea towels – yes I know it’s weird, I blame my mother!).This is relatively easy to do in winter because honestly I don’t have much that needs ironing but in summer I wear a lot of linen and so need to do more ironing. I’ve tried to make it fun, I’ve tried to make it smell better but none of it sticks. I don’t much like ironing and avoid it when I can but sometimes you have to get it done.

You may have noticed that I had goal in September of getting ironing done and not leaving it hanging around for weeks, so I have returned to using ironing water, smells nice.


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2 Responses to Recommendation: Ironing Water

  1. The Allotment Diaries says:

    I also iron tea towels and pillow cases when ever I get around to ironing and blame my mum for it 😁

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