Allotment Adventures: You can’t garden with a migraine

This is a very short update because we were at the allotment less than an hour, I think.

Things are starting to slow down, this was the first week there wasn’t a courgette in our produce collection. There were two crooknecks, tomatoes, chard, kale and the last of the cucumbers

Some of the tomato plants are done too. There is still corn, there are borlottii beans and winter squash to come, as well as salad and carrotsThe chard and kale are doing welland the leeks are looking goodso the work list is the same as it was last week.

Next week the I want to clear the cucumber bed, put up the tomato plants that are done and plant my spring bulbs and sow some late autumn crops, it might be too late for them (pak choi, mustard, land cress, black radish, parsley) but we’ll have a go.

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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: You can’t garden with a migraine

  1. You’re plot is looking great. Inspiration for beginners like me

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