Subtle Changes

I find that things for the house seem to happen all at once. I’ll bumble along thinking that I need to sort out x or y and then when I find one thing, it’s like my brain switches mode and I get a lot of new furniture or things for the house.

Last time it happened was Christmas, when I got a new bed, new bedding, a new cupboard for the living room and generally because of those things got rid of a whole load of junk clogging up my house.August has run along similar lines. It started with a bread bin. I don’t actually have that much bread in the house but it can’t go in the fridge and I really didn’t like it sitting out on the side in the kitchen. I haven’t liked it for 9 years but finally found something I liked that fit my price range…Then a couple of days later, I finally found kitchen chairs in the British Heart Foundation shop. Ma helped me get them home…Then for my birthday, Ma bought me a new radio, for the living room.

And I got around to replacing my kitchen scales which were only working intermittently. Then Ma and I took a day to paint the white cupboard in the kitchen, and re-arrange it’s insides.


It isn’t something you’d notice, everything looks very similar to before, most people (who aren’t my mother!) wouldn’t realise anything has changed. Which honestly is the best thing about it, everything is very me, the flat looks better, like when you get a haircut and everyone comments on how well you look, but can’t work out why.


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5 Responses to Subtle Changes

  1. The flat looks lovely! And that bread bin looks like quite the find!

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