Allotment Adventures: Visit from the family

It’s been so hot. So there has been a lot of watering! On Sunday, I had help from the nephews and my brother. Joe also ate all the ripe tomatoes and the allotment rang with Joe asking for more “Grandma ‘matoes”

Oli is looking forward to the corn! And I have to confess, I’m pretty excited too!We got leeks in the ground, decided not to sow beetroot and replaced one of the kale plants that didn’t make it.

So for the winter we have three beds of leeks, two beds of kale and one of chard. They are doing their thing and in October we’ll look at overwintering garlic, broad beans and onions. So we’re all set!

I’m writing this on Tuesday night and right now it’s so hot, they are promising that it will break today and we might get to doing more than harvesting and watering. For now and I can’t remember that it will ever be cool again!



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