What I’ve Read – July 2018

July was busy, I read quite a bit but it didn’t feel like I was reading loads. My pick for the month is And and I Darken and the rest of the trilogy…

How the French Won Waterloo – or Think They Did – Stephen Clarke

I bought this for Ma for Christmas, it was funny and a little bit French baiting but it was interesting because it explained more English/French cultural difference and I was strongly reminded of my trip around the Legion d’honneur museum in Paris!

Spinning Silver – Naomi Novik

I read and mostly enjoyed the Temeraire books but I really loved Uprooted and the same goes for this. Novik seems more confident when she’s using Eastern European influences than she is with an alternate world Napoleonic war, it shows. Halfway through this I was struck by how the women of the story were changing everything, just as they tried to survive the incompetence and cruelty and pride of the men around them.. It’s a lovely book and worth reading.

Taming Eliza Jane – Shannon Stacey

I like Shannon Stacey and bought this ages ago on special offer. It’s a departure to set it in the West. It’s all a bit handwave-y but I like that Eliza is as she is because of how she’s been treated and I like that the hero accepts this about her, despite the threats of spanking. I also like that Eliza is right but maybe going about change or being misunderstood. It was fun and I finished it in a day while travelling to and from Southampton…

And I Darken – Kiersten White

Now I Rise – Kiersten White

Bright We Burn – Kiersten White

I’m going to take these three together because trilogy. These are a retelling (reimagining of Vlad the Impaler) and they are great books and by the end I want to strangle Leda, because my God she’s an idiot. Full disclosure I have a problem with rulers who can’t do balance and politics and while I knew why she was doing it, she was an idiot. I think her brother was the better ruler/politician/human being. however these are beautifully written and the story is compelling and centred on a region that I don’t know much about. I also appreciated the way that Islam was portrayed as a sane and reasonable alternative to the confusion that Radu found in Christianity. It’s not my view but it was good to see it as a better choice for once.

The Accidentals – Sarina Bowen

So this is Bowen’s YA book and yeah it hits some of those points and I enjoyed it but I guess as someone much older, I want a companion novel that deals with the father and what the hell he’s doing..

After Tonight – Erin Nicholas

I love Nichols’ Sapphire Fall books and this was no different.

Man Card – Sarina Bowen and Tayna Eby

This was better than the first one and the book was also a great ‘travelling to Southampton’ book…

Dirty Rowdy Thing – Christian Lauren

I sort of liked this but I had issues that I didn’t have so much with the others. I was uncomfortable with the age difference in the  which then made me go back and feel uncomfortable with the others. And I didn’t like the heroine because she was ridiculous, being worried and protective I got from the other books but I didn’t feel that her complete over-reaction problem was protectiveness.

Wicked Sexy Liar – Christina Lauren

This was the last of the four and I really liked that the guy was examining his behaviour but other than that it was pretty much straightforward get over yourself.

Stay – Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

This was a fun easy read, I really wish they’d done more than this and Good Boy!

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  1. Nicculent says:

    I love the idea of sharing what you learned in the previous month.Great blog-post!

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