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Happy Friday! I have had a lovely week off. I’ve made cake, cocktail cherries, had dinner out, seen friends, tidied the cupboard of doom and am about to have a relaxing weekend.

This week, despite a holiday, I did manage to post this week. Since the last Friday links, there was a Saturday Recommendation, a Sunday Music post, the usual miscellany, a quick recap of my reading in July, a short allotment update and finally some pictures from my afternoon at Ham House.

Here are this week’s links….

Here is the one way to end Teresa May’s Brexit gridlock. In all of this, I still feel that there isn’t enough blame assigned to David Cameron or George Osborne.

Jennifer Aniston is a symbol of the pressure cooker all single women are forced to live in. This, so much this. I get lots of questions as to why I’m still single, or whether I’ve considered internet dating. I’ve been single for over 10 years now and generally I’ve squashed those questions (I am single, there aren’t any men that I’m interested in that are interested in me and no I will not try internet dating – honestly, I can’t deal with that type of rejection) and I don’t often get asked them but still..

There are very few things that any of us will ever have in common with Jennifer Aniston. We will not co-star in one of the biggest TV shows of all time, we will not have our hair used in thousands of advertising campaigns, we will not go over to Jimmy Kimmel’s house to make margaritas. But we will attend weddings alone. We will break up with long-term partners and have everyone wonder what our role in the downfall was. We will be set up on dates with men who are much, much older than us, because the men our own age only want to date 25-year-olds. So many of us will experience the vast tapestry of being a single woman over a certain age and have our own small-scale versions of the “poor Jen” narrative in our own social circle

Cameron may blame ‘lunatic’ Gove but he – and Eton – have a lot to answer for in the Brexit story of decline. This is so worth reading…

Air pollution is a lethal plight that shames our politicians. My breathing has been so off this summer…

It’s no coincidence Boris Johnson has discovered strong views on the burqa. I’ve read the article that it’s very clever and calculated. He’s made a liberal argument but used offensive ‘dog whistle’ terms and so he appeals to the UKIP faction and stays in the public eye, which he needs if he want to try for the leadership of the Tory Party. He’s a calculating little shit (I’m sorry it is bad language but he is more than deserving of it) and nothing he does is anything to do with a genuine belief or hope of what is good for the country, it’s all about what is good for him. More fool the idiots who fall for his spin and God help the country if it ever puts him in charge.

As Brexit looms, stockpiling food seems the only sensible response. This. I’m trying not to panic but we are getting closer to a date and no closer to any answers about what is going to happen. I’m very glad to have the plot and really want that other half plot!

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2 Responses to Friday Links

  1. hmk71 says:

    Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg. What a choice.

    I’m not a prepper in the US sense but I do think that those who can should keep a basic store cupboard of food for (any) emergency anyway. It wasn’t that long ago that commentators pointed out that the supermarket supply system means we are only 9 meals from anarchy at any given time. And I don’t take any comfort in the government saying they will stockpile. I believe storage space is available but it would mean production over current demand and I’m not sure that’s possible.

    • nicdempsey says:

      No options are good options if it’s a choice between those two! I could more than happily feed myself for a week or two without shopping but I don’t really have much room for more and the allotment is useful for veg depending on the season. I’m thinking that I’ll do a bit more next year as we seem to be staggering towards no deal and potential chaos! But I agree with you about the supermarkets. We’re in for an ‘interesting’ time I think!

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