Food Lately

Spring is on it’s way, it’s lighter in the morning and I’m feeling it in an uptick of energy, which means that I’m cooking a bit more than usual. Most of my cooking right now seems to be about using up the freezer, I’m keen to clear it out in preparation for the summer produce glut I’m hoping for.

Chicken and roasted vegetables, (onions, tomatoes, garlic and my last butternut squash from last season)

Leftover vegetables were used in a pasta dish and a puff pastry tart that I didn’t photograph.

Plum cake to use up the plums also in the freezer

Overnight oat breakfast pots with rhubarb compote.

Today I realised that I might be coming down with cold, so I’ll make a batch of boiled chicken as that is easy in the slow cooker and comforting and makes loads. The ultimate food for when you’re under the weather and for the cold snap we’re predicted at the weekend!

What are you eating right now?



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