Monthly Goals – February/March 2018

We are at the end of February already and it’s going out like a lion, with snow and cold… however it is going so it’s time for a recap.

So little goals for February.

Mind and Body

  • 10,000 steps a day. Yep
  • Vitamins every day. Yep
  • Feet and Hands. Yep
  • Golden hour. Mostly


  • Stick to the spending budgets for food and household. Yep

House Beautiful

  • Deep clean hall carpet  it took ages and I’m not convinced it’s much cleaner, I think the trick is to do it more often
  • Clean oven. Nope but I have plans
  • Put together the unit I bought at Christmas. Done, we’ll call it two have fun with a drill after drinking wine and it’s still together.
  • Curtains in the bedroom. Nope, we couldn’t get a curtain rail and I sort of forgot about it.

Allotment  (why is this the longest list?)

  • plant the rhubarb crown
  • dig up raspberries at the top of the plot
  • dig up gooseberry at the end of the plot
  • sort out the raspberry frames
  • paint the shed
  • cut the grass at the edges of the path
  • order new raised beds
  • build new raised beds
  • fill the new raised beds with compost and top up the others
  • sort out the sides of the current brassica bed
  • create sections at top and sides of allotment for flowers
  • clear that bed of broccoli and kale
  • prep the buckets and boxes for carrots, radishes and mint
  • put up and secure the cloche
  • trip to the dump
  • bonfire
  • sort out sowing supplies and start sowing leeks etc

So overall we did pretty well, my migraine this weekend and the predicted weather for the coming weekend means that we won’t do much this weekend, except sow seeds!

Year so far

Reading – I’ve read 5 books this month and the TBR list on the Kindle stands at 94 (free books and books I had on order from Christmas) and the physical pile of books is still at 34, it’s not been a great start to the year on the reading front.

Household budget – I started with £60 ended with £12.20, carpet cleaner is expensive! So I’ll go into March with £52.20

Food Budget – I have 30p left over which goes in the jar.

03/02 – £14.94

10/02 – £19.96

17/02 – £11.30

24/02 – £13.50

Saving – The jar now contains over £55.92 which makes me happy

Health – I’ve walked with Sarah and the dog, I’ve started to take elderberry syrup and avoided (so far) the second round of cold that everyone caught the big issue for me this month has been that I didn’t sleep as much as I needed, it’s not like I wasn’t trying but it’s been rubbish, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it, I just have to trudge through and it’ll fix itself eventually. Other than that and a bad back because I’ve been slack about stretching the biggest thing that’s happening is that it’s getting lighter that’s helping a lot and it’ll get even better next month…

March Goals

So March is about more of the same. March is a busy month, next weekend which is also Mother’s Day weekend, Ma and I have the boys.

Mind and Body

  • 10,000 steps a day.
  • Vitamins every day.
  • Feet and Hands.
  • Golden hour

Budget & Spending

  • Stick to the spending budgets for food and household.
  • No card use. I need to leave my debit card at home this month

House Beautiful

  • Hoover once a week, my dislike of hoovering is well known, so I need to make it a weekly habit.
  • Defrost freezer
  • Sort out underbed storage
  • Clean oven.
  • Curtains in the bedroom

Allotment  (why is this the longest list?)

  • bonfire
  • paint the shed
  • start sowing seeds indoors (leeks, tomatoes, cucumbers, cucamelons, peppers, kale, chard, cauliflowers)
  • start sowing seeds outdoors (beetroot, carrots, radishes, peas, salad, herbs)
  • plant out potatoes
  • buy compost and fill remaining beds
  • plant out mint


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