For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been eating soup for lunch.

Soup is a perfect meal planning staple, when I was starting to meal plan, part of my process was to make a vegetable soup using all the vegetables left in the fridge at the end of the week, this use it all up soup then provided me with a couple of meals during the week. I still make the black bean ‘freezer’ soup, that is not pretty but great for weeks when cooking is just not on my list of priorities.

Soup is for me the ultimate no recipe cooking, I really just wing it and see what happens. My soup this week was inspired by the pumpkin sage blender soup in this post from Cassie at Wholefully.

I used the monster Boston Squash I grew this summer it was 14 and a half pounds of squash, carrying it home was like carrying a small toddler home and it’s been gracing various rooms of my house, along with it’s friends the butternut squashes, but it was past time to use it up.

I cut it up and roasted it in three batches. I ate quite a bit of it for various dinners and in two batches, made soup. Into the blender with the cooked squash, I added plain yogurt, vegetable stock, salt, pepper, cumin and smoked paprika. Once blended to the consistency, I liked and after tasting it and juicing a lemon into it, I poured it into 4 Kilner jars (and this is where I’ve discovered that Kilner jars, the 500ml ones hold just the right amount of soup for lunch)

It’s the perfect desk lunch and using the cooked squash means that when I’m making it, I don’t have to mess with hot liquid in the blender. It’s lazy soup but it’s really tasty, quite healthy lazy soup made with my own home grown produce. It makes me feel good!

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  3. Jane Gealy says:

    I love making soup and my freezer always has some on standby. I had some mushroom soup for lunch today and it’s warmed me up on a cold and dreary day!

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