Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a week, it was windy, the trains were a nightmare and I’m settling into the new job which is good except that the lifts keep giving me electric shocks and this week has been a week of having a ‘muggy migraine head’.

In case you missed them, this week there was miscellany, an update on my skin care routine and some general chat about the indignity of spots when you are over 40, a list of work that needs to be done on the plot and a small chat about making soup.

Here are this week’s links from everywhere else….

A hot bath may be as good for you as exercise. I know, but I can dream…

Care for your houseplants. Which reminds me, I need to make this the year I feel them weekly in the summer and I need to repot them. Which is actually trickier than it sounds, I need to find them all new containers too!

Graham Rix and Gwyn Williams accused of racism and bullying while at Chelsea You like to think that it doesn’t happen at the club you support, especially when it had a black manager at the time. The only comfort I can take is that Chelsea took the letter seriously and reported it to the police and the FA, but that isn’t much comfort.

Is whisky the new gin? I bloody hope not.

Oh no. Cyrille Regis, former West Brom and England striker, dies aged 59. and this just made me well up. A letter to Cyrille Regis

Rogue landlords making millions out of housing benefits But MP’s won’t make laws about rented property being fit for human habitation.

Gin Foundry are running a ‘spotlight on’ series, this about Sean Harrison and Plymouth Gin, is worth reading if you are interested in gin.

I found this interview with Ellen Pompeo, fascinating. I’ve already seen comments about how no one deserves that kind of money and bemoaning her arrogance but it’s also true that we don’t say those things about men who ask for and make those sorts of deals. Women are judged for asking for the same things that men are quite happy asking for.

Shelf effacement: how not to organise your bookshelves

The truth about why we don’t use all our annual holiday leave. Honestly, when I had a permanent job, I took my full holiday leave allowance. I have no problem forgetting about work when I leave the office, even if I don’t go away, I can stay at home and the rest is not wasted.

Finally, this consultation goes live on 29 January, which I will be responding to and if you live in Ealing or have used the clinic and/or seen what these people do, then please respond too…

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