Food Lately

All my focus this month has been on learning to get back into the routine of a full time job. This means that I’ve been making a real effort to pack breakfast and lunch. It’s really funny, the fridge starts off stuffed with food and boxes of food on Sunday night and gradually empties..Most of January has been fuelled by coffee, I’m good at sticking to just drinking it before I leave for work and then switching to mint or lemon and ginger tea. There has not been a lot of time for kitchen creativity but that’s ok, there has been lots of soup and roasted squash. I’m coming to the end of my homegrown squash and am quite sad about it.I cooked the first of my winter radishesand cooked lots of leeks

There has been pizza – this one is sausage and spinach.Last week there was also a martini with MaThere has been chocolate too…this is a bar that Jo put in my Christmas present from Cote d’Ivoire (and we really need to talk another time about the amazing coffee body scrub that was part of that present but this is about food and it’s not edible as far as I know!)



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