Friday Links

Happy Friday! 

Oh come on, this is getting farcical. Priti Patel held undisclosed meetings in Israel.  Then she was forced to resign, I would have sacked her. Also Theresa May should just say sod it and start sacking people who don’t/can’t/won’t follow the rules…I’m talking about Boris. If she’s in such a weak position at least go out fighting…

What experts know about men who rape

Kate is fed up of people who go on about Christmas being celebrated too soon. It’s too soon for me but go ahead if you want!

The best cheese for you zodiac sign. I like all of the cheeses, I could not limit myself to cheddar…

This is fascinating. How the 25th Amendment actually works and what nobodies has figured out 

This gives me such hope… This Woman Responded to a Local Legislator’s Sexist Facebook Post by Running for His Seat—and Winning

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