Allotment Adventures: A Bit Windy

Ophelia and Brian destroyed my greenhouse.The second time it blew down, we took the decision to bin it. Alas poor greenhouse, we knew you well…I thinking that next year we commit to a polytunnel but we’ll think about that later!

So this week was all about tidying up. First was rearranging everything in the shed to fit all the things that were in the greenhouse in the shed. 

Then Ma got to work weeding the edges of the plot, especially around the shed because I need to paint it at some point soon and I pottered about.

I cut back the broccoli and staked the leaning kale. Thinned the winter radishes, and planted strawberries in the old bath. And tidied up the existing strawberry patch. We’ve gone backwards and forward on what to do about this patch. I planted it last year, this year it didn’t do well and any strawberries it did produce either got slugged or eaten by the birds. Ma wanted them all pulled up and I decided that I wasn’t going to extend the bed because they were maybe in the wrong place. So I put a new set in the bath which should at least help in the war with the slugs and the birds. I think that I’ll keep the ‘old bed’ for next year and see how we go. But for now I have got rid of all the runners and weeds.Ma also picked some marigolds and cosmos and I harvested chard, pak choi and kale. (This was mine, Ma took the other half)On the job list for next week:

  1. Painting the shed (we bought 3 cans of shed/fence paint for the bonus price of £2 each the week before last!
  2. Planting broad beans and garlic
  3. Planting mint and lavender out  (because they can’t overwinter in the greenhouse!)
  4. Decorating the plot for the Halloween Pumpkin Walk

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