Friday Links

Happy Friday! This week has been a bit cold and dull.

For those of you local to Ealing, the Halloween Pumpkin Walk is happening on Saturday from 3.30pm, I’ll serving at the bar for the first two hours, if you can please come and support us!

Here are this week’s links

Keep your pink out of my drink. I agree

Universal credit isn’t working in Inverness

Tory power is only sustained by cruel confidence tricks

If a local council behaved like the the govt would be screaming blue murder but have done nothing here. Collapsing Wakefield City Academies Trust asset stripped school of millions before collapse.

Five maps that show just how rammed London is.


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2 Responses to Friday Links

  1. Sharon says:

    Why would anyone want a pink drink? Or maybe I’m just getting old

    • nicdempsey says:

      I don’t object to pink if that’s what it’s supposed to be and it isn’t really sweet but I do object to the idea that ‘pink’ is the way to sell me something!

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