Friday Links

Happy Friday and welcome to September. It’s time for schools to go back and to think about autumn (which is not a fun happy time!) and launch ourselves into the last four months of the year!

Being good at one thing doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be good at another but Jeremy Hunt needs to stop having a go at Stephen Hawkins. He knows about the NHS through personal experience and he’s able to look at a problem objectively. And he’s right. Jeremy Hunt can attack me all he wants – but he is wrong to say the NHS is working

Houston is what climate change looks like in a world that has decided not to take climate change seriously.

Dear Sadiq: pocket-sized homes are the last thing London needs

Living on the breadline makes me cry. I dread to think how it affects my children This just sounds horrific. Ma sometimes talks about hard things were when we were children and if I look back, I can see it. The house wasn’t decorated, Ben and I had carpet and so did the living room (and the bathroom!) but no-where else did. Ma had a strict two packets of biscuits and one bottle of squash a week policy. I thought the biscuit limit was because Ma didn’t want to rot our teeth and as Grandad brought us fruit and the cousins sweets at Ma’s request and we didn’t get sugar generally it seemed to fit the status quo. I had better holidays than the cousins and most of my school friends but we didn’t go on family holidays but then given what a disaster the ones we did go on were, it didn’t seem that that was about money but about Dad. There were a lot of frozen sausages in my childhood and I knew that money was limited and we did know that if one thing was going to be paid for then another couldn’t be butI didn’t ever, ever feel that we were poor.

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