Goals Recap, Goals Set – August/September 2017

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month which means it’s time to look at August and set goals for September. So August……

August goals are in italics, how I did in bold.

Turn over, turn out. I did pretty well with this. Sunblock and moisturise. Tiny failure in the middle of the month when I burned my shoulders – again… Feet. If I don’t look at them, I can pretend that they are ok, but they’re not. Complete failure. Update the spreadsheet every week. Yep. £15 a week on food. Better than done I’ve had two weeks of no shopping. Keep money for food and everything else separate. I did ok on this. Keep to overall goals. Suprisingly, I feel I did that, I had a good month but I kept to my set limits, I’m on track for savings.

More generally, I want to celebrate my birthday month and have some fun. So although the goals below are a pretty focussed set of to do’s, I also want to have fun with the nephews when we have them and chill out a bit. I had a great month, I’m a bit tired but the nights are drawing in and I think that my brain is responding to that, I had a great week off and a lovely birthday. We had the boys over the Bank Holiday and they are a joy and we had fun


  • Defrost the freezerdone
  • Clean ovennot done but I bought a cleaning kit!
  • Declutter the cupboard of doom and take stuff to the dump – half done, some things went to the dump, but the cupboard is not sorted
  • Joe proof the flatdone but it did not help, I’m down a destroyed lamp, he stole my garlic bread off my plate AND played football with one of my winter squash. 


  • Take all the rubbish to the dumpdone
  • Tidy the shed and put some shelves updone
  • Raspberry maintenance – not at all done
    • cut back the old wood
    • shorten them so I have a path from the greenhouse to the bottom of the plot
  • dig up gooseberry bush at end of plot and weed and cover for new bed not done
  • Extend strawberry bed, this is going to involve moving some containers about and some heavy weeding!not done
  • frame the bean/chard beddone
  • sort out the sides of the brassica bednot done

Now for September. I already have stuff booked in for every weekend in September, except Saturday 30th! This weekend I’m skipping the allotment workday because my plot needs some love but on Sunday I’ll be spending some time on our stall at the Brentford Festival trying to get more signatures and explain why the allotments are so important to Ealing. The next two weekends, I’ll be at Ben and Laura’s, for Joe’s birthday party and the weekend after that to help Ben while Laura is away on a girls weekend (Ben works nights at the weekend so he needs someone to at least be in the house with the boys!) On the 24 September, I’ll be volunteering at the Ealing Half Marathon again and Ma is away that weekend so I’ll be weeding by myself. So although it’s probably not as full on as some people’s September, it’ll be pretty busy for me, when will I find the time to still and read?Overall, I want to prepare myself for the darker days, I need to get more rigid about bedtimes, the golden hour and no screens, I also need to start walking a bit more to compensate for the lack of allotment work that’s coming up and doing bedtime yoga.

House – I want to put some monthly things here because daily and weekly tasks I’m pretty good at but the bigger ones are more tricky to get to and there’s a bit of autumn preparation here too

  • Defrost the freezer
  • Clean oven
  • Deep clean bathroom, bedroom and kitchen
  • Wash rugs in living room
  • Declutter the cupboard of doom
  • Sort out cupboard under the sink
  • Clean living room windows

Plot – all of this comes from the work list I made a couple of weeks ago, the crossed throughs we’ve already done and yes it’s a lot.

  • more pruning of the plum tree
  • plant out and sow some of the things we have planned for autumn
  • sort out the raspberries (shorten the lines, work out the frames)
  • sort out the brassica bed (new sides and netting, pull up the french beans)
  • extend the strawberry bed (weed and plant out new runners)
  • sort out the space for the new long bed at the bottom of the plot
  • plant potatoes in bag for Christmas (late but what can you do)
  • plant spring bulbs at front of plot
  • sort out paths on plot (weed/woodchip/make paths at front of plot)
  • mark out space for gooseberry bushes
  • sow grass seed at front of plot


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