Autumn is not a happy, fun time…

…or if one more person tells me how lovely it is to be out of summer and into autumn, I will scream. Even the interwebs isn’t free of this, Christina has been going on about grass being jewelled in autumn, which I don’t even pretend to understand, people are talking about chill and pumpkins, it’s wearing me down…

Sorry, I just don’t get it. I do accept that I have particular issues with this time of year, involving the anniversaries of some people I love dying and general SAD related stuff. However, even if you don’t have those issues and, in fairness, the run up to Christmas is also the time that nephew, mother and best friend all have birthdays so it’s not all doom and gloom, what is appealing about things being cold and dark and wet? That’s not fun, surely people don’t think that being cold and wet are reasons to celebrate. I’m no advocate of nakedness but I don’t like wearing layers of clothes and the cost of heating the flat just doesn’t bear thinking about!

Are people really excited about it not being light until 8am and dark at 5pm? Excited by the idea that it will be really cold and may snow? Well they might be, right up to the point that it happens. London doesn’t function in snow and then all my American friends from Boston and Chicago, will tell me how ridiculous it is that everything stops for 5 inches of snow and I’ll have to agree with them while (in a very Chalet School turn of phrase) wishing them at Jericho….

If you are truly that nuts, please for the love of all that is holy, don’t tell me. You see, I’m in deep mourning for the light days and warm-ish weather, for the joy of not having to go to bed with a hot water bottle, for the nice fruit (strawberries, peaches, cherries, melons). You telling me how great it’s going to be for you is just making me feel worse about it and intensifying my need to hibernate until spring.

Until spring, expect me to be very grumpy indeed…


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