Allotment Adventures: Tomatoes…

This week we picked the last of the french beans. Said goodbye to some tomato plants and collected about 2 kilos of tomatoes. Some of the broccoli had flowered so we cut the rest and took the netting down. We’ll leave it alone until the flowers die so the bees can have a feed.The summer squash are slowing down production and the leaves on one of the butternut squash are dying back. The smaller butternut squash plant has suddenly started to produce fruit but it needs to hurry as it’s getting colder at night!  We had a very hot weekend, which caused some bolting amongst the pak choi but the chard I planted out seem to be doing ok. 

Winter is coming, while I hope that we will get some produce through autumn, things are really slowing down and hopefully we will have a little more time to do some of the longer term work on plot. There is a list of things to do in the next couple of months and I’ll try to get through them…


  • more pruning of the plum tree
  • plant out and sow some of the things we have planned for autumn
  • sort out the raspberries (shorten the lines, work out the frames)
  • sort out the brassica bed (new sides and netting, pull up the french beans)
  • extend the strawberry bed (weed and plant out new runners)
  • sort out the space for the new long bed at the bottom of the plot
  • plant potatoes in bag for Christmas (late but what can you do)
  • plant spring bulbs at front of plot
  • sort out paths on plot (weed/woodchip/make paths at front of plot
  • mark out space for gooseberry bushes
  • sow grass seed at front of plot

Winter/Autumn work

  • re-site the gooseberry bushes
  • sow broadbeans and garlic
  • clear up/feed/cover summer beds
  • new raised beds
  • clear/clean/secure greenhouse
  • decide what we’re growing next year
  • order what we need in good time

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