Friday Links:

Happy Friday! 

Millennials v baby boomers? We all have more in common than we realise

When gut bacteria changes brain function. I’m interested in this because my diet has changed so much in the last couple of years and especially

US surgeon may be forced to quit UK because of visa nightmare I have been saying for years that the Home Office isn’t fit for purpose…this is just idiotic..

Petty Prince of Denmark Refuses to Be Buried Next to His Wife, the Queen. Honestly, if I was married to him, I’d be happy he spent most of his time in France. This is not a hill to die on…

This is scary. What European diplomats think about Trump.

Just about managing? For these Tory failures, life is sweet Marina Hyde perfectly sums up the problem with the political classes.

See also Sam’s description of the house as “slightly falling down”. Does anyone, particularly someone who, during the week, lives in the very shadow of Grenfell Tower, currently want to get into some hideously affected public riff on maintenance of their £1.5m-plus second hovel? I rather think they don’t, but then I’m not in fashion.

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