Best/Worst 7 to 13 August 2017

Happy new week people!


Holiday. I didn’t go away but it was so nice not to be at work. A big part of my job is the administration for and minuting of a monthly meeting and I always give myself August off the minuting part of the work. So I have my birthday week off work and when I get back to work it’s like a holiday because I don’t have to type up minutes!

Tomatoes. Our tomatoes are starting to come in and I have discovered that I like some of them raw. I have eaten them raw before but I mostly prefered to cook them. Last week though, I have devoured them and found a new tomato to grow next year. Meet the Black Russian tomato, it’s delicious on toast..

Family lunch. I love my family and it’s always lovely when we are all together. The boys are a delight, Joe is a lovely tiny, garlic bread stealing, lamp breaking hurricane, Oli is just so much fun and is really interesting. We’re going up over the bank holiday to babysit while Ben and Laura celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and I’m really looking forward to it although I expect to be exhausted!


The world. I haven’t commented much about this on social media but the situation with North Korea, Charlottesville and the ongoing trauma that is Brexit negotiations and the racist terrible attitudes that seem to have been given new (and disgusting) life. It’s a mess and it makes me sad.

Wednesday weather. London at an entire day of miserable rain, it was grim, even ducks stayed indoors…

Honourable mentions to work on the allotment, a patty pan, some sunny days, the gin related birthday cards, cinema in the afternoon, pavlova, reading and lying in past 7am and generally being glad to be alive.

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