Goals Recap, Goals Set – July/August 2017

August is the best month of the year, you know why? Because it’s my birthday in the first week AND there’s a Bank Holiday at the end of it!First let’s review July. the goals were

Turn over, turn out. I was mostly ok with this, there were a number of days where there was a good deal of whining about it. One of the mysteries of middle age is why I can get up at early at the weekend with no issue but on weekday mornings, it’s like I’m stuck to the bed with magnetic force.

Sunblock and moisturise. I have lovely soft non scorched skin.

Feet. My feet are soft and mostly clean, so I’m calling it good.

Update the spreadsheet every week. £15 a week on food, keep money for food and everything else separate. Keep to overall goals. That was all good.

Sort out the grout in the bathroom.

Make an appointment for the doctors.

Now for August. It’s a busy month. I’m out on the 4th and 5th August for birthday drinks. I have the 7th to 11th off work and that’s mostly going to be about the plot, rubbish disposal and Joe proofing the flat! Then I have a peaceful two weeks until the Bank Holiday weekend when it’s Mike’s 50th birthday and Ben and Laura’s 10th wedding anniversary so Ma and I are having the boys for Sunday and Monday (it’s also Mike and Christelle’s 5th wedding anniversary but that doesn’t require babysitting!).

It feels like it might be busy. I’m going to keep the main goals from last month because all of that stuff is good about keeping me mindful of self care.

Turn over, turn outSunblock and moisturise. Feet. Update the spreadsheet every week. £15 a week on food, keep money for food and everything else separate. Keep to overall goals.

More generally, I want to celebrate my birthday month and have some fun. So although the goals below are a pretty focussed set of to do’s, I also want to have fun with the nephews when we have them and chill out a bit.


  • Defrost the freezer
  • Clean oven
  • Declutter the cupboard of doom and take stuff to the dump
  • Joe proof the flat


  • Take all the rubbish to the dump
  • Tidy the shed and put some shelves up (this is for mum who has a real thing about the shed – I think it’s fine, it’s a shed!)
  • Raspberry maintenance
    • cut back the old wood
    • shorten them so I have a path from the greenhouse to the bottom of the plot
  • dig up gooseberry bush at end of plot and weed and cover for new bed
  • Extend strawberry bed, this is going to involve moving some containers about and some heavy weeding!
  • frame the bean/chard bed
  • sort out the sides of the brassica bed

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