Best/Worst: 24 to 30 July 2017

Welcome to a new week, this week is my last one before my birthday and my week off work so I’m very happy, which is in not usual for a Monday!


Gin Club. Tasting the gin is interesting but it’s a great reason to catch up and spend time together, even if the gin is disappointing.


Harvest. It’s wonderful that there is so much stuff growing!


Weird weather. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s raining..

Colds. I woke up on Sunday with a cold, I should have realised something was going on when I burst into tears on Saturday afternoon for no discernable reason!

Men who think you owe them. So I got off the bus on Saturday night and this guy followed me up the road, wanting me to know that he liked me and then why I wouldn’t talk to him. He couldn’t have been more than about 20 and eventually he went away. I’m puzzled as to why some men think that women owe them time and attention. I have never been afraid to walk home at night but that did have me reconsidering somewhat…

Honourable mentions to working from home on Monday because the trains were all kinds of messed up, bump watch on the littlest nephew’s head, going to the allotment and collecting over 2kgs of plums after watering, rescuing the week from being out of control, tomato based dinner using my own tomatoes, baby broccoli, Jonny and Jenny’s anniversary party (and Jonny’s perfect gin and tonic!), the return of lipstick to my face.

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