Allotment Adventures: Gluts

This week’s glut is plums. Last week, I went to do the watering and came home with produce, after washing and de-stoning and getting rid of any with creatures, I had 2.3kgs of plums. We’re not doing badly with cucumbers either, 8 on Tuesday and some more tomatoes.

The weekend’s harvest was more of the same. Plums, cucumbers, courgette, crooknecks, beetroot, salad, carrots, spinach, spring onions, some tomatoes. No beans this week because we are waiting on the second sowing, but they are coming. As is the broccoli…I’m very excited about the tomatoes….We didn’t just collect plums on the stepladder though, we did some feeding but not much else. Next week, I’ll get some proper time on the plot and tackle some of the bigger jobs, so work this week was just maintenance in preparation for big change coming next week.I’m absolutely convinced for the sake of my sanity if nothing else that I have sort out the raspberries, I want a clear path from the top to the bottom of the plot and the raspberries are slap bang in the middle of that path, as the photo shows. I have people ready to take some of them too but I’m still a bit sad about it. We worked so hard to save the raspberries last year and we both (Ma especially) got stratched and mangled while trying to do it, not to mention what felt like 100 bags of compost we carried to the plot to mulch them (it was about 20 but it was still hard work!)If I’m like this over the raspberries, imagine how I’m going to be when we move the gooseberry bushes. I haven’t moved any of it yet but I’m sentimental about it because it’s been there longer than I have and it feels like I’m completely changing the plot. Which is even sillier than you’d think as the plot looks completely different now compared to last year. Change is inevitable but it’s the right thing to do to make the plot work better for me.

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