Friday Links

Happy Friday! Links are sparse this week because I have been sick, no-one needs details but it was a stomach bug and it was messy.

For those of you nearby, I’m going to put a plug in for the Northfields Allotment Open Day. Please come and see why they are worth saving from development, buy some cake/plants/produce/Pimms. There’s lots going on, they even built a bar and I’ll be manning the cake stall and the plant stall at some point in the afternoon.

Here are this week’s links….

I’ve always loved living in cities – but you have to tell yourself lies to get by  Hadley Freeman lived in the posh bits of inner London. When people ask me where I grew up, I always qualify it by saying “Fulham but not the posh bit”. One of the things that I’m really angry about is way we’ve become socially segrated. It didn’t used to be like that. One of my close friends went to private school and we met doing A levels. I sat at a table at a wedding last weekend, some of us were state educated, some privately and some went to public school. At the same time, I’m a couple of degrees of separation from some of the people killed by the fire at Grenfell. I don’t think my world is terribly diverse and I am aware of my privilege, but it frightens me that somewhere along the line people started viewing people from different social classes as ‘other’ and treating them accordingly.

Theresa May – female scapegoat or cruelly calamitous? I honestly think May is the architect of her own destruction but yes the way she has been attacked feels disproportionate. In the same way that the attacks against Diane Abbot felt disproportionate.

As a Labour voter, all I want is the biggest fight against the Tories we have ever had, so we can get them out and get some values of human decency back in government: safe and long-term housing for all; a solid welfare state; schools not run as businesses, where qualified teachers aren’t leaving in droves; jobs with real contracts and real salaries for all; a government not led by weird immigration phobias and phantom bogeymen.

As a woman, I see that it’s the powerful woman who is once again the witch for our nation to burn. And I feel a bit sick.

The government’s abortion commitment is good news. But it’s not enough

Applauding a public sector pay cap? Tories are cheering their own demise.  I rarely see eye to eye with Polly Toynbee but this is spot on..

Michael Bond is dead. He was 91 this was probably not a surprise but when people who have created massive parts of your childhood die, it’s sad.

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