Best/Worst – 12 to 16 June 2017

Welcome to a new week. This is where I recap the highs and lows of last week. My week was completely overshadowed by the Grenfall Tower fire. Everything in this list feels petty and unimportant next to what happened there. As I said on Friday, it’s not something that had any direct impact on my life, but it feels close, not just physically  but because my Grandad lived on the third floor of a 12 floor building, because I went to school with kids who lived in council flats, because I used to live on the 7th floor of a 7 storey building because, because…

So please take today’s post in the spirit it is meant, none of these things are all that important in the scheme of things, hug the people you love, do the best you can, remember how amazingly lucky you are to be alive right now and how random life can be…

BestThe first courgette. It feels like it’s all coming together. My first tomatoes in the greenhouse and outside have formed, the first courgette and cucumber were picked this weekend. So far everything is growing ok. It takes about half an hour to water it in the morning but its a great way to start a morning and it’s my happy place, which if you follow me on Instagram, is very apparent.

Minutes completed. The worst part of my work month is the monthly meeting I support, the best part is getting the first draft of the minutes finished, which I managed on Wednesday, despite my total space cadet-ness this week!

Catching up on washing and a relatively tidy flat (in the circumstances). As listed below, I’ve been away with the fairies. Usually at this point the flat and housework suffers, this week it did not. I’d like to say it was down to my grit and determination but it was not. It was because there was the possibility that a friend was coming around to use the washing machine because hers was busted. Which is ridiculous, Kathy does not care at all about whether my flat is tidy and even  and in the end she didn’t come around, but I do. It doesn’t come from either of my parents, Ma is always tidy, Dad didn’t carebut if someone is in the house, then it needs to be tidy


I’ve been away with the bloody fairies this week. I think a combination of PMT, weather provoked hay fever affecting my sleep and just sheer Dempsey-ness, but focus has been hard and it’s frustrating as all get out…

Clothes and shoe shopping. Left me throughly depressed, I’ll pick it up later in the week but it was not a fun, happy time.

Losing my travel card. Of all the petty annoying things I didn’t need right now. Ordered a new one and the spare I should have ordered when I lost the old one in March. Yes that’s the second time this year. I am an airhead…

Honourable mentions to a really good packed lunch, Londoners being lovely to each other in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, the man who asked the way to ‘Marble Arches’ – I hope that he wasn’t upset to find there was only one!, my lovely Mum doing all that weeding in the heat amongst other stuff (I don’t do Father’s Day – but really she should have another parents day because the shit she put up with this weekend from her forgetful, hot, PMT’ing daughter was vexing and she didn’t lose her temper once! Surprisingly!), the video of Joe eating an ice cream that my lovely sister-in-law sent (while I’m talking about how lucky I am, I know he didn’t do it for us but marrying Lu is the best thing I think he ever did, she’s amazing and I feel lucky that she’s my sister!!).

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