Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’ve spend this week indoors with a sprained ankle, links are few this week because I’ve just can’t right now…

The garden bridge is dead, the£38 million of public money sent should be repaid.

I can’t imagine this being easier than reading this by yourself but I have so much respect for how Lemn Sissay continues to work though the horror that was his childhood.

I heard clips of the Diane Abbot interview and cards on the table, I don’t like her at all, but I really felt for her on this. It’s my worst nightmare and I’m pretty sure this is me having a conversation about figures. I can do it, at work I have some responsibility for the figures but I’ve realised that my brain works differently to everyone else in my family when it comes to numbers. I can’t do figures in my head quickly and struggle to retain numbers.  Ma, Ben, Lu and Oli do not have this problem, Joe’s not there yet but chances are I’m going to be the only numbers ‘slow’ person in the family…

Trump’s ignorance about the causes of the Civil War are dangerous. I know more about the Civil War than he does…

Robin Lustig on the fundamental mismatch in British and EU thinking about Brexit 

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1 Response to Friday Links

  1. Allotmental says:

    I think the problem with Diane Abbot is that she wasn’t even close to any of the figures 😂

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