Best/Worst – 1 May 2017

Last week, was not the week I was expecting to have…


Dinner with Josephine. We talked and ate and talked so a fairly standard meeting for us. I’m glad she’s enjoying her posting and I also found out she has a twitter account, so now I’ll know more about what she does!

Visitors. On Friday, Kathy and the children came to see me. After 7 days indoors, it was a delight to see people  and make paper aeroplanes for the children.

Greenhouse. We bought it and assembled it on Saturday, that was pretty much all I did but I’m done with construction on the plot. 


Being housebound. I’m pretty good at being alone and I had no problem with six weeks mostly indoors for osteotomy recovery but because this was unexpected and because I was working from home, it was hard.


Honourable mentions this week, go to the French doing the right thing and rejecting fascism, flowers on the cucumber plants, watching a four year old trying to fly a paper aeroplane, a year of being an allotment owner, a wedding invitation and some sunshine.

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