Best/Worst – 24 April 2017

Last week was a holiday week, I had a staycation and got some things done at home but I spent the last four days of my holiday indoors..


Time to see people. Dinner with Sarah and Justin (and Fred). Coffee with Kathy. The great thing about having time is time to see the people that matter.

Painting the bathroom. We still have to do the rest of the flat but it’s a start!

Community. I can isolate myself sometimes but knowing that I have people nearby who will pop round with shopping, when I can’t get out of the house (see below about my ankle) is amazing!


Spraining my ankle. On Friday afternoon I fell down the stairs which wrote off my weekend of fun on the plot and going out to dinner. It’s a bad sprain but it is only a sprain 

Frost. My potatoes and broad beans suffered, what with that and the mildew on the gooseberries, my allotment year is not going so well!

Honourable mentions to sorting out the cupboard of doom and the shed, hitting laundry zero during the week, cinema with Ma, Grandad’s anniversary (19 years).

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3 Responses to Best/Worst – 24 April 2017

  1. Sharon says:

    I hope your ankle is starting to heal.

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